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Questionable Material with Jack & Brian is a weekly comedy podcast produced in New York by Brian Sack and Jack Helmuth.

Once, they had a dark and wickedly clever TV show, but now they have a podcast like everyone else!

Oct 28, 2021

Half Dune in Theaters Now. Applying to M.I.T. Brian is Mister Halloween. President Biden’s Germ-Sharing Tips. Jack tries to land sponsors: Double-Murderer David Eckholm, Benjamin Greene’s Gay Bar, Crotchshredder 2000


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Oct 21, 2021

YouthSpring isn't Facebook! Vampire Hunter. Changes to your favorite superheroes. The untold story behind several Beatles songs. Jack tries to be an advice columnist: Wondering in San Diego, Unhappy Dad in Kandahar, My Crotch is an Unkempt Nightmare.


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Oct 14, 2021

Cod Warehouse. Jim’s Gym. A birthday surprise. Manscaped Testimonials. Brian’s patents: Santa Trap, Helicopter for Dogs. Interview with Taliban 2.0 Supreme Leader Hibatullah Akhundzada.


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Oct 7, 2021

Disappointment Island. Rhyming Consultants
Happy Birthday to Us. Kenny Loggins in the Spay Zone. Cornell School of Prostitution. Fixing the Post Office. Jack tries to land sponsors: Back Alley Burgers, Gunderson Temp Agency, Manscaped.

Oct 5, 2021

In celebration of the release of the newest Muppet movie, Muppets Haunted Mansion, we bring you a collection of dark, tortured Muppet bits from the past two seasons of Questionable Material.